Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dissent Lectures on Campus

Am pasting from an email I received this morning:

Please pass the word to your lists:
Background: In response to the reclaiming of the Quad as a public space, a call went out from faculty to students on the Quad about whether there was interest for a public lecture series on the history of dissent. There was, so here it is.  This was an open call- and it remains open, but if you want to be involved, email the student organizers directly at,,

Things look solid on monday/tuesday but are also in flux, sorry for the lack of clarity on times and locations, but things are unfolding fast. we're trying our best, but this idea was germinated just a couple of days ago.
Julie Sze




Metal Dome (unless otherwise indicated) in Quad Village

Monday 11/28   
Ari Kelman (History) on Abolitionism (3.30 pm)
Alan Taylor (History) on the Alien and Sedition Acts and resistance to these acts during the 1790s, the legacy of the American Revolution for free speech. (6 pm)
Holly Cooper (Law School) prisoner's rights movements (7:30 East Quad)

Tuesday 11/29 
Ari Y. Kelman (American Studies) on radicalism in the 1910s ( 12 location TBD)
Victoria Langland (History) on student activism in Brazil in the 1960s (Time/ location TBD)
Bob Ostertag (Technocultural Studies) on power & approaches to organizing  (3 pm location TBD)
Larry Bogad  (Theatre and Dance) Tactical Performance,  Radical Spectacles (4pm location TBD)

Wednesday 11/30
Lorena Oropeza (History) on the Chicano Movement and/or the Anti-Vietnam War Movement/ and the Bonus Army in the 1930s. (3 pm, confirm Time/location)
Bruce Haynes (Sociology) Blacks and the American Tradition of Protest* (5pm location TBD)

Thursday 12/1
Sasha Abramsky (University Writing Program) radical writers/journalists in American social movements (11 am location TBD)
Frances Kay Holmes (Education)  the American Indian Movement (1 pm location TBD)
Almerindo Ojeda (Linguistics) Guantanamo and Dissent, Human Rights (2 pm location TBD)
Gary Goodman (University Writing Program) on feminism and radical movements (3 pm location TBD)

Friday 12/2                         
Richard Kim (Asian American Studies) Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) and the 1968 SF State College Strike (Time/location TBD)
Dates/ Times to be scheduled: Noha Radwan (Arabic and Comparative Literature) on Arab Spring

DURING FINALS WEEK (Tentative): Eric Smoodin (American Studies) on the Blacklist; Caren Kaplan (American Studies) on the Paris Commune, Simon Sadler (Design) speaking on radical art/architecture movements*

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